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Many of Jan’s clients are busy executives working under intense pressure to perform. They need to meet the demands of a hectic schedule and high expectations, while projecting authority and confidence to their clients.

Jan’s individualized bodywork programs will help you achieve your objectives and feel better.

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Jan Murray has been providing quality fitness therapy for over twenty-five years. She combines the disciplines of Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Thai Body Work treatment and appropriate stretching exercises to create a personalized program for each individual under her care.

Jan's personalized solutions will help you:

  •  Improve your overall health and energy level
  •  Feel relaxed and rejuvenated
  •  Alleviate pain and discomfort
  •  Gain muscle and lose fat
  •  Increase mobility
  •  Improve circulation
  •  Reduce stress
  •  Sleep better
  •  Increase productivity levels
  •  Achieve the fitness goals you desire
  •  Improve performance in all facets of your life

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